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If you are craving a shawarma but also in the mood for something a little different, then you should check out it’s European cousin, originally from Turkey but now Germanized – the Doner Kebab! After the ingenious invention of cooking meat vertically, the doner kebab and its derivatives – the Arab Shawarma and the Greek Gyros was popularized all over the world in just about the last century. In Berlin, it has come to be recognized as one of the most popular fast food / street food options. And that’s what you will be served at this outlet in Pearl. Classic German style doner with the triangular pocket bread, loads of salad and delicious sauces.

The first time I visited this place. I had a chicken durum doner (the european word for doner in a wrap). The meat was very flavorful and the crunchy salad and sauce complemented very well. We also had the classic doner, the soft yet crunchy triangular doer bread with a mix of veal and chicken with extra cheese (coz there is no such thing as extra when it comes to cheese!) Loved it. One bit of advice, keep your hands free and eat your sandwich over a plate and away from your clothes – its one tasty, messy affair!

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If you look at their menu it looks quite extensive but actually its not – you have the same doner meat (beef,veal or mix), an assortment of salad veggies served as durum, doner or burger in the combination of box or meal (with drinks, fries etc.) Its a bit pricey but quite worth it.

However, they have added a few new items on their menu and I was excited to try them out at their recent event. They have the famous Iskander Kebab – meat shavings smothered in a tomato sauce, soaked up my pieces of pita and topped with yogurt and butter.

I liked that they had replaced the pita with croutons but I felt the tomato sauce was not spicy enough and a bit sour for my liking. Hope they improve on that. We also sampled some of their sides – the onion rings and the cheese borek. Totally recommended with your doners if you can get past the fact that they do cost quite a bit for a small portion.

In addition, they now have dessert! A tres leche and the Turkish Kazandibi. I liked the tres leches which is for the sweet toothed as it quite juicy and sugary as it should be. But what i loved was the Kazandibi – a delightfully soft and milky roll – just enough sweet and perfect texture. Do try this when you visit!

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German Doner Kebab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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