Hello and welcome to my own little corner in the blogosphere!

I am Ayesha, a clinical biochemist and nutritionist by education and a stay-at-home mom to three precious kids, Alhamdulillah and a freelance writer and tutor by profession.

This blog is my creative outlet as I journal my rants and raves as a mom, a health buff, a foodie, a passionate home cook and a travel junkie leading the expat life in Qatar – my home for the last quarter of a century.

My motto is you only live once so you better be conscious. This life is temporary. Live simply, indulge moderately and strive to please your creator.

Follow along my journey as I journal my reflections on life, my little adventures in the kitchen, my experiences as a mum, my discoveries of great things in Qatar and my occasional voyages to discover this amazing world of ours.

Happy Reading!

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