Why you should visit Kahramaa Awareness Park


That’s the motto of Kahramaa Awareness Park, a water and electricity museum tucked away towards the south of Doha, serving as an excellent edutainment opportunity for children and adults alike. An ambitious initiative by the water and electricity corporation (Kahramaa) and the National Strategy for water and electricity conservation (Tarsheed), it aims to promote the culture of conservation in the future generations. Read on to find out the top 5 reasons you must visit Kahramaa Awareness Park with your family.

The Architecture.

If you are not blown away just by the stunning architecture of this place, much like an alien spaceship landing in the middle of a park, then surely you will be to learn that this state-of-the-art award-winning masterpiece is a totally green building that applies efficient lighting, cooling, plumbing and irrigation systems using 3 different sources of renewable energy (solar, wind and thermal power) Surrounded by a pretty manicured garden, this place definitely makes for a great visit with children.

The amazing, futuristic interiors are another sight to behold.

Tip: During the good weather season, arrive a little before your tour so you can enjoy the park for a while during the daylight.

To Play

A guided tour through the park takes you through a fun and interactive journey enlivened through Tarsheed’s lovable mascots with Arabicized nicknames derived from words relating to water, electricity or conservation. Don’t forget to spot Hayat, Nabd, Qatoura, Mowafer and Kahrob when you visit!

Upon entry, you will be given a personalized game card to try out all the interactive games during the tour and earn points.

To Learn

Spread out over 3 floors are different areas highlighting different aspects. After a short movie at the theatre and a 3D experience of the history of the universe under Aldana Dome, you will be taken to the water conservation area, where numerous displays explain the history of water harvesting and conservation. Next up is the fun animated ride called ‘Qatouras’ journey taking you through the water cycle like never before.

Kahramaa Awareness Park
A ride through Qatoura’s journey

From then on the upper floors house ‘Energy and Us’, ‘Renewable Resources’, ‘Green Living’, etc. each with their own amazing games and displays.

At the end of the tour, you will also have a chance to visit their cute, colorful library and enjoy a small collection of children’s books on these topics.

To Live the Action

Lastly, let’s not forget to live the action, apply what we learnt and do our part for a sustianable future for the beloved country of Qatar and our planet. Let’s make this a visit an effort to change our lifestyle as a family even if it is in little imperfect ways, for it takes millions of us doing small things to bring about a big change.

The Kahramaa Awareness Park caters to visitors from school, organizations and also family tours. The tours need to be booked well in advance. To schedule, please visit www.kap.qa

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