World Book Day : Top cookbook reads.

It’s World Book Day! or so the calendar tells me. Book days only mean one thing for me – the day or days I binge-read. An annoying habit, especially now that I am a busy working mom. I seem to have no self-control when I am reading a good fiction piece and engross myself rather too much, which occasionally happens to be at the expense of other important things. Hence I have come up with a solution for that. Reading more non-fiction. That gives me more structured, informative content which I am able to read and digest over a couple of days. My current favorites in this category are cookbooks! The best thing about cookbooks is that you can browse them even if you have 2 minutes to spare, enjoy the delicious photography, get ideas and learn. The worst thing – well, just stay away from them when hungry. So here I am sharing a few of my recent top cookbook reads.

Back to the basics. Some of my favorite kinds of books are those covering an entire food group. Those give you so much information, helps plan your meals and keep you out of the rut. A long term benefit is cooking more nutritious food.

My top favorite in this category is my old, battered and trusty ‘5-a-day-vegetable and fruit cookbook’ One of the few books I actually own. It’s an encyclopedia of over 250 different fruits and vegetables from around the world and it has helped me in knowing all about well-known to exotic produce, from the food history to how to buy, store, cook and eat, enabling me to closely know the local farmer’s market produce to enjoying the wide variety that is available in today’s globalized hypermarkets.

Need to spice up your cooking skills?

Exotic, aromatic and exciting, spices play a huge part in every cuisine. This fab book with drool-worthy pictures and recipes turned out to be an invaluable expert kitchen reference guide to spicing things up.

Two of my current reads in this category are the delightfully titled “Back to your roots” all about root veggies and the “The better bean cookbook” taking into this vast food group one bean at a time.

Get Curried.

A seasoned Indian palate requires its dose of spices. Also to please an Indian crowd you need to get your curries right. Loved this title by Vivek Singh.

This book is filled with many classic and contemporary curry recipes and the best part is how he keeps the recipe authentic and gives bit sized info about the background of each. I was so tempted to try all of it.

World cuisines.

I am a travelholic and have been blessed to take a few trips in recent years which I wouldn’t have thought possible. While traveling, my best experience is walking on foot, eating local and absorbing the sights and sounds of the place. And when I return I like to bring the flavors into my kitchen. Hence, you will find my luggage filled with specialty sweets, exotic spice pastes, and traditional cooking utensils. And then begins the research and kitchen trysts with new cuisines.

From my travels in 2018:



Also reading these titles on food and travel writing on Turkey and continuing the Turkey sojourn in my kitchen.

This post is a World Book Day blog hop featuring Top books in different categories. Check out the top picks by the wonderful mom bloggers.


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