Dua for Traveling (with free Printable key chain cards)

“Three supplications are responded to: the supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveller, and the supplication of the father for his child.” (Recorded in al-Bukhari) Supplication or Dua is a form of worship and a powerful tool for a believer. The Prophet SAW has taught us perfectly how to remember our Creator in every step little step that we take in our daily lives and on special occasions. Here we will be talking about the Du’a for Traveling, the prescribed sunan adhkaar and ad’iyah during this time and how you should be making it a part of your travel-ready checklist.

Whether it’s for business or leisure or both, travel in this day and age is a breeze compared to before. Yet, you will find that it leaves you tired and spent in terms of money, time and efforts. As it always will be a wavering of routines, the unfamiliarity of surroundings and the uncertainty of circumstances. Hence, the disheveled, dusty traveler who raises his hands to His Lord supplicating, is never left empty handed.

While you may look far from disheveled suited up your best and flying in business class, this undoubtedly is the best time to make Du’a. For starters you are thousands of feet above in the sky at the mercy of machinery and intelligence of man. A tiny speck on the atmosphere of the earth enclosed in a metal tube. That should be enough to humble oneself in front of The Creator, reflect on the purpose of life, seek Allah for forgiveness and ask of his bounties. In addition to that, there are certain prescribes sharaee supplications that we should make an effort to preserve.

click here to get your printable version of the dua while traveling.

Travel Dua Cards Printable

How to make a key chain card?

Save yourself from the trouble of crumpled papers and ruined print. Making a small key chain of cards that you can easily carry with you while traveling is a great ides.

  1. Buy a good quality thick photo paper
  2. Print out the cards on the paper
  3. Cut out the cards and punch a hole on each in the same place on the right.
  4. Add to your key ring and carry it in your bag.




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