Hello 2018! Travelling this year?

The answer is.. well, probably yes!

Thanks to my dear father, since the start of this century, every other year was either a trip to Saudi for Umrah or a trip in India during our annual vacation. The even number years were the ones for Umrah and most of the odd numbers included the discovering India trips.

Things changed a bit when I got married. Although me and my husband both love travelling we stayed put for a few years due to various constraints and only had the trip back home every two years. Things changed a lot in 2016 with the first month itself we packed up with the two little bundles and went on Umrah by bus. I have always loved these Umrah road trips and it was the first time I went with my own kids. Sadly, one can’t do those anymore. I hope things resolve soon between these countries. (In any case, check out my top tips for Umrah road trips)

And in the same year 2016, by a stroke of luck we made two very short trips to Maldives in April and Europe in July during the eid holidays. We had to keep them short as we went without the kids and it was a babymoon of sorts as I was pregnant with the third!

2017 again was more or less a quiet year.. in terms of travelling, of course. Otherwise, we had three kids screaming for attention! Busy with the new baby, husband busier in his work, and me getting more into my freelancing work, the year flew by with only a whirlwind trip back home in the middle.

And now before we even knew it, its 2018! What’s next?

First thing I know is this year I want to be travelling with the kids, for sure. However short the trip, I missed them so much. But then there’s the logistics of travelling with three under five. So we have decided to team up with my parents. They also have some travel plans this year and we might just match it with them on one of their trips. For the others, thanks to the lovely blogging community I am part of, I have soaked up on a lot of tips and advice from family travel bloggers.

What’s on my tentative list?

Turkey. Where continents unite, a unique culture thrives, beautiful architecture invites, and the most winning of them all – the balloon filled skies! over the honeycombed landscape of Cappadocia. That’s the picture etched on my mind, and one that I can’t wait to see through my own eyes. This is one of the trips I might team up with my parents.

Oman. Ever since my parents went on a road trip to Oman three years ago, I have been wanting to go. Only it can’t be a road trip this time except probably the scenic journey between Salalah and Muscat. So maybe 2018 is the year we finally cross it off our list, InshaAllah!

The United States. This one is a big tentative plan this year. With my brother’s convocation coming up soon and the hubby’s brothers settled over there we might make a big family get together along with tourism. Both of our relatives are on opposite sides of the country so we would be making the cross country flight as well. So if we do go this year it’s going to be a good long vacation with a whole lot of exploring.

India. Back home… there might be some weddings in the family this year InshaAllah. As always can’t wait for this one!

We plan yet Allah is the best of planners…

What are your plans?

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