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It’s one of my best memories this year. After all, it’s not everyday that you and your family are invited for a cruise on a private yacht charter. Back in April this year, we had the amazing opportunity to charter the beautiful Ventura for a 2 hour cruise by the Pink Lady Charters company, the first private yacht charter exclusively for women and families to be launched in Qatar.

When booking our trip the crew were extremely courteous and thorough in planning. We had to wait a week or two as the weather was a bit windy. They absolutely prioritize the safety and comfort of their guests. So one fine Thursday, we finally had the chance to set sail and savor this much awaited experience as a group of 5 adults and 2 children.

We arrived at The Pearl Marina and began our 2 hour cruise at around 3:15 pm. The weather just could not be better. It was partly cloudy so the sun wasn’t on us for most part. A light breeze and a very pleasant weather. It was absolutely worth waiting to catch the perfect weather over the weekend.


We were welcomed on-board “Ventura”, a stunning 3-decked Ferretti beauty, by Captain Bianca and Sarah. As the crew were preparing to sail away and we made ourselves at home in the lounge area on the middle deck, we were given a safety briefing by the captain. The little ones were supposed to be wearing the life jackets at all times. Initially it was a struggle to keep them on but as we cruised even they forgot about it.

After that we were given a tour of the yacht. We had boarded from on the middle deck which had an open area with a dining table, then there was the lounge and a kitchenette with a cabin behind with clear glass windows.

The lounge
The lounge
The Cabin
The Cabin

We went down to the lower deck which has 4 deluxe bedrooms with luxurious attached baths. Of these two were open for access for this day cruise. The beds looked so inviting, as we moved over the undulating waves, I absolutely wanted to just fall asleep but of course I couldn’t do that on a 2 hour cruise. The rooms were fully equipped with closets, dressers and lots of storage space, well appointed to fit in the limited space with maximum utility.



The ladies in the group could move about freely as it is a strictly all female crew. We could unveil and literally let our hair down and enjoy the breeze. We then climbed up the the topmost deck which had another lounge and some very inviting day beds. Perfect to laze around on for our short cruise.



We were served refreshing lemonade, snacks and the traditional arabic sweet Baklava as we sailed away from the Pearl Marina. The view was so mesmerizing. We left behind the tall building of the Pearl and sailed towards the calm Arabian sea. My favorite part was taking the seat next to the captain at the flying bridge as she talked to us about the yacht and all things sailing. Thereafter we turned towards the Doha corniche and soon we could see the Doha skyline to one side as we sailed towards the Museum of Islamic Arts. The captain slowed down a little here so that we could take some stunning shots with the MIA in the background. After that we took a turn and were on our way back to the Pearl.


The rest of our trip is a blur of memorable moments. Going out and lounging over the front deck, leaning over the bow railing at the front most point and savoring the sea breeze, taking loads of pictures, and the joy of the little ones as they took in the view and pointed out the buildings they could recognize on land. It was priceless!

A little while later we were back in the lounge where we were served tea and coffee by the very hospitable crew in the best place and with the best view ever.



I just didn’t want the two hours to end. But all too soon they did and a little before sunset, we docked back at the port and ended our luxurious cruise.

The ladies in the group with the lovely crew members Bianca and Sarah.
The ladies in the group with the lovely crew members Bianca and Sarah.

The trip was truly something to cherish and I have been wanting to go back ever since. It’s not an inexpensive affair but it’s worth every penny you spend. I would very much save up and go back again. The yacht can do a day cruise with 12 people on-board. Sharing the cost among 12 would be an incredible option for a trip with friends. As the weather is back to pleasant again, they have some amazing offers going on where you could get a 4 hour cruise for QAR 5000/- on weekdays which I think is quite a deal. Hopefully, I will get to relive this experience soon in the future.

Do check out their website for more information and the pricing details here at Pink Lady Charters.

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