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A beautiful restaurant in the grand Ritz Carlton. People have been raving about their Friday picnic brunch since a few months. That’s still on my bucket list. For now, we headed for their dinner buffet on the weekend.


They did well right from the start. We were welcomed and escorted into their airy, beautiful, high ceiling interiors with a LOT of tables. It wasn’t very busy and only a few tables were occupied. Their buffet counters were set in the center of the hall, with the starters lining the entrance part ( I almost missed seeing them ) and a live grill station. They even have an outdoor area, but since it was quite windy at the moment, we had to settle indoors. The manager and all the staff were very friendly and got us our soft drinks immediately and we went straight for the food.

In the reviews that I had read, many folks had commented that their buffet lacked variety. However, I was very content with what they had to offer. Honestly, I like moderation. I find extremely lavish buffets to be overwhelming. Especially, when hungry, I tend to pile up the first two plates with almost everything I see and then back at your table it gets so mixed up. (Was that the hummus or moutabal in the last bite? and I need to get more of this fish if I can figure out which one it was…) Apart from that let me not get into the wastage part. Moderation is key, really.


Keeping with the middle eastern and arabic cuisine theme, they had plenty of levantine dishes in their starters including makdous, grape leaves, baby okra, etc. Tabbouleh and fattoush salads were present. In their central arrangement they even had a small mix your own salad table with plenty of greens too.




A beautiful Morrocan themed decor adorned all the tables. As for the food, they had Harira soup and Lamb Tagine from the same country. I absolutely loved their Hammour with lemon butter sauce ( i really love that sauce with my seafood!) The Arabic rice mechboos was missing replaced by the humble peas pulao. As for some variety, there was seafood pasta, mongolian shrimps, chicken teriyaki, etc. Very well rounded if you asked me. Oh and I almost forgot their sushi corner, which was out of bounds for me because of the baby bump, anyways not complaining. I like sushi but not really hard core.


The live grill station
The live grill station

Their live grilling station was great too. We got us some steak, shish tawook, lamb chops, etc. Although not on display, they agreed to make the kofta kababs too. and it was served to us , well done , a few minutes later. Too bad I was so full already and could eat only about half of that.


Moving on to the dessert, I had to get everything from the buffet table onto my table, which I did.


Really liked it… I must admit, I am quite easily impressed with the desserts, if the sugar isn’t overboard in any of the items. Loved the cheesecake and their fresh fig tarts.

A delightful atmosphere, friendly service and great food. At 195 QR/- per person, I think it’s a deal.

As we were leaving, it was quite late and they had begun their preparations for the Friday brunch the next day. It was the picnic brunch with superhero theme. Seems to be a lot of fun. Will try it with the kids soon, InshaAllah.

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  1. Laila Reply

    Interesting description, I often start with desert in buffet, at the end one is too full to enjoy it.

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